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Post Bank
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Post Bank
Address: 237, Motahari Ave., Tehran, 1587618118,I.R.of Iran
Country: Iran
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Post Bank

A brief history of PBI (establishment and development)
The necessity of rendering banking services and expanding financial postal services throughout the country, especially in undeveloped cities and remote and deprived areas, as well as meeting banking needs of people , reducing the traffic and saving time for achieving such services, preventing nonessential expenses ,….. caused the Islamic Consultative Assembly to ratify the establishment of PBI as an independent organization on the September 10,1995.
Therefore, PBI commenced its activities on the basis of its Article of Association as an independent organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication and CBI on December 21, 1996.
PBI, as one of the principal organizations of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication, plays a major role in providing all kinds of banking services on account of having more than 400 branches and 13000 urban and rural ICT offices.
Because of being an effective member of Universal Postal Union (UPU) and World Savings Bank Institutes (WSBI) , PBI takes part actively in the international arenas and due to having valuable experiences in rendering banking services, it participates actively and effectively in WSBI meetings and causes the fruitful decisions .It also has a great impact in introducing, developing and offering various aspects of Islamic Usary-Free Banking services, regional and banking co operations as well as promoting business in the region.

Services at a Glance

Investment Deposits Types
- Regular and special short term deposits
- Time Deposits( one to five years)
- Gharz-ol-hassaneh (interest free) current account
- Gharz-ol-hassaneh (interest free) savings account

Electronic Banking (E-Banking)
- Internet Banking
- Telephone Banking
- SMS Banking
- Mobile (phone) Banking
- Various Card Banking
- Satna
- Utility Bills Payments
- Re-Charging the first operator & Irancell SIM cards

Allocated Facilities
- Musharaka/Civil Participation (Construction, working capital)
- Mozarebeh
- Debt Purchase
- Letters of credit (Domestic)
- Issuance of different letters of Guarantee
- Gharz-ol-hassaneh
- Installment sales
- Joalah

Forex Services
- Currency Exchange
- Forex Accounts
- Letters of credit (L/C)
- Letters of Guarantee.
- Financing
- Transferring international money orders to more than 200 countries via SWIFT
- Execution of money transfer unilaterally and bilaterally among the countries of Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Romania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Croatia, Tajikistan, Japan,…

Special services through rural ICT offices
- Payment of salary & pensions
- Payment of Justice Share profit
- Payment of Subsidies
- Acting as different companies' sales Agency ( C.O.D)
- Insurance services
- Receipt & payment of " Bill of lading " fees.

PBI missions and goals
- Expansion of monetary and financial services in urban and rural areas
- Development of banking system and extending facilities
- Acting as an agent for receipt and payment out of trade
- Reduction of urban and rural commuting and related expenses
- Development of the ICT in the country
- Development of retail- banking services

Operational programs of PBI
- Attracting deposits for the purpose of obtaining resources
- Organizing of branches (location, human resources, equipments)
- Qualitative and quantitative development of ICT offices
- Offering services to private and governmental organizations via rural and urban ICT offices.
- Strengthening consumptions management system
- Implementation of ISMS system
- Strengthening financial management system
- Increasing volume and scope of international and Forex activities
- Commercialization and personalization of the services
- Development of Electronic payments
- Implementation of training courses for the personnel of the ICT offices
- Standardization, reengineering of processes, operations, services and banking contracts.
- Mobilization and optimization of security systems in branches according to
- e-banking approach
- Execution of research projects on the basis of strategic goals.
- Design and implementation of new services and increasing market share.
- Improvement of rural ICT offices.
- Improvement of bank sites.
- Strengthening operation al budgeting system.

Strategic policies of PBI during the Fifth Five Year Development Plan
- Development and management of Human Resource
- Productivity optimization
- Customer satisfactions
- Development of retail banking services
- Development of E- banking
- Financial discipline and liquidity management
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Company Profile
Company Name: Post Bank
Business Type:
  • Bank and Insurance
Address: 237, Motahari Ave., Tehran, 1587618118,I.R.of Iran
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